Studio: Arms
Creative Direction: Mike Mcmullen
Design/Animation: David Dodge
Production/Photo/Video: FNTech
Client: Oculus

Over the course of three months, I worked closely with design sensei and great creative mind, Mike Mcmullen of Arms Studio to bring to life the Oculus brand for their annual keynote OC4. Together we designed/animated a library of illusionary shapes that were used throughout the conference. 

In the end, our animated shapes were reformatted into four 1-minute loops, presentation intros, interstitials and displayed on 27 monitors around the San Jose Convention Center.
///Oculus Connect 4
OC4 hosted a 150ft keynote screen, 27 supporting monitors and over 8,000 eyeballs to deliver the 2017 keynote, here are some images/video of the event captured by FNTech.
The first month of the project was spent figuring out what was and wasn't working.
With a solid understanding of the OC4 aesthetic and where we needed to be we started to push the designs forward and find the right motion for OC4. 
Base Shapes
Supporting Monitors
Thank you.