Gooder Than Hell

Gooder than Hell is the third and final installment in a three part video series that began in 2006. Production for Gooder than Hell began October of 2012 and released in May of 2016. The 40 minute video highlights rollerblading in Boone, NC, Charlotte, NC, and Greenville, SC and features three main profiles of Thomas Martin, Phillip Gripper, and Garrett Slobey. #bladernhell Gooder than Hell is currently available for download. Main Cameras: Mike Torres, David Dodge Direction/Editing/Animation/Deisgn/Photography: David Dodge Colorist: Brian Cooper Additional Filming: Phil Gripper, Thomas Martin, Orlando Asson, Dustin Spengler Special Thanks: Jennifer Bianchi, Alrinthea Carter, Avery Ungaro, Casey Bagozzi, Drew Harkins, Gary Upham, Garrett Slobey, Orlando Asson, Paul Barton, Jared Stapleton, Timothy Dodge, Jeremy Lister, Jeremy Stephenson, Joesph Matty, Katherine Bahnsen, Linda Slobey, Phillip Gripper, Brian Cooper, Nicholas Bazin, Pete Weissbrod, Janet Archer, Philip Van Reijn, Alvin Cooper, Rebecca Cooper, Sallie Harrison, Tamara Harrison, Ashley Simon, Grant Hazelton, Guy Crawford, Ian Copp, Smiley, Melissa Olmstead, Jamie Olmstead, Michael Barksdale, Mike Torres, Long Tontat

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